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The fictitious Battle of Eylau - June 8, 1807 - Part III

A 25mm Napoleonic wargame fought on Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Our refight of the 1807 campaign sees French forces continuing their assault on Russian defensive positions at Eylau. This is Eylau, part III. The campaign ended with this game; have a look at the photos, below, to find the outcome.

This battle was fought at the Redwood Shores Bunker by the Gourmet Wargaming Club with 25mm and 28mm miniatures, using the Age of Eagles wargaming rules.


The battlefield viewed from the east. The French are attacking from the south (left) and west (top).

A view from the southeast. Russian defense is centered on center of table at mass of buildings.

The view from the west. French troops have cleared or occupied 4 of the 9 redoubts on the table.

Elements of a French corps attacking from the southeast prepare to assault a small hill.

French artillery holding the east flank.

Russian heavy cavalry move out to keep the east road open in case of a withdrawal.

A view from behind the Russian front line in the center, facing west. Note the graveyard in the foreground. How appropriate.

The Russian grand battery deployed in the center, facing west. These guns fired constantly during the battle, playing havoc with enemy still within their range.

French Old Guard hold a captured redoubt to the southwest of the Russian center. They exchanged fire with the Russian infantry and artillery in front of them until the enemy withdrew beyond musketry range.

Another large redoubt, this time held by Russians. Note the line of French artillery facing them in the distance to the west.

Russian cavalry ride out to meet advancing enemy cavalry arriving on-board from the northwest. Jagers hold a town at bottom left.

A view from the northwest looking at defending Cossack cavalry behind a river. Ignore the United States flag carried by the "French" unit in the foreground--this battle taxed our group's ability to provide the correct troop types.

An impressive line of French artillery faces east towards a big redoubt. Note the Russian grand battery deployed on the hilltop at top right.

French infantry and artillery advance from the east under constant fire from the enemy's grand battery.

French artillery attempts to deploy to support the Old Guard infantry in front, but are kept at bay by enemy guns and difficult, restricting terrain.

More French forces arrive from the southwest.

The Russians withdraw their infantry to positions around the small hills in the center. Artillery concentrations here were formidable.

A Renaissance man takes a jaunt through the early 19th Century.

Our umpire, the Man in Black. Johnny Cash was tough, but he never managed this sort of carnage. Be afraid.

Black-clad French commanders consider the Russian meat-grinder that awaits their little metal men and horses.

Two foes look over the French attack from the north.

An overview of the French far right flank in the southeast. Russian cavalry can be seen at top moving to cover the road.

Opposing cavalry brigades clash up north. The French are seeking some sort of advantage over the sometimes-unreliable Cossacks, but the irregular horsemen prove stout on this occasion.

Three French artillery batteries attempt to set up in a captured redoubt to the west of the enemy defenses, but are counter-attacked by a depleted brigade of Russian infantry before they can unlimber. The Russians manage to capture 2 batteries in the ensuing melees.

The game ended after lunch with the French announcement of their intention to withdraw. The umpire ruled that after the French had taken grevious casualties assaulting Eylau, the only way they could salvage the campaign would have been to force the surrender of the town. Since that did not happen, the Russians gained a win, and Napoleon's career was likely cut short.

The camera doesn't lie--but it failed to record the gory scraps of flesh and flecks of foam hanging from the maws of these giants of war. (Perhaps Photoshop can help.) Good game, all!

One final casualty: a very guilty-looking chocolate cake. A sentence of "death by mastication" was quickly passed and executed. Yum!