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The fictitious Second Battle of Jade Mountain

A 25mm Feudal Japanese wargame fought on Saturday, August 28, 2010

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The Chuzu Army is fighting the same rebellious daimyos--or at least two of them--after the first bloody battle at Jade Mountain. Have a look at the photos, below, to see how it turned out.

The battle was fought by the Gourmet Wargaming Club with 25mm figures, using our Samurai Furi ruleset (based on Fire and Fury and Age of Eagles).

Click here to download a PDF containing the order of battle and scenario rules.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read death haiku inspired by the continuing slaughter.


The battle begins. Individual units are represented by colored paper rectangles to simulate "fog of war." The Two Lightnings Army is blue; the Chuzu army is green.

The chef (right) and sous chef begin the preparation for lunch.

Two Lightnings forces advance in the center.

And the Chuzu center is likewise spotted moving to engage.

Commanders, subcommanders, and photographers complete the wargaming menagerie.

More generals and majors.

Three wise men preside over madness. Surely there's a Japanese folk tale in this?

The centers of both armies move with clashing distance.

The sous chef takes a break and guards the desert: a special cake protected by aluminum foil.

Our chef is a whiz with a cheeze knife--or is that some sort of culinary ninja weapon?

Two Lightnings forces surge over the hills on their left flank.

A view from behind the Two Lightnings center. Chuzu forces have seized the high ground and are starting to bring a withering flanking fire on the enemy.

Chuzu cavalry of their left flank charge into the ranks of enemy Ashigaru arquebus infantry.

The fighting see-saws across the river in the center. The Chuzu (top) have pushed forward a short distance, but the Two Lightnings are feeding more troops into the melee.

Samurai on the Two Lightnings right flank are attacked by infiltrating Ashigaru spearmen.

A detail of the colorful battle in the center. The quiet wooded hills are rent by the cries of dying men.

A close-up of the Chuzu missile troops unleashing deadly showers of arquebus fire on the enemy in the river valley.

The Two Lightnings left flank encounters heavy resistance. Again, flanking fire from Chuzu missile troops (top) wreaks havoc.

The Chuzu left flank (at right) has had enough, and falls back to the safety of the river.

The fighting in the center continues. More Chuzu (right) arrive.

The Chuzu arquebus Ashigaru fan out behind Two Lightnings and continue their flanking fire. A lone Samurai unit (bottom left) is sent up the hill to deal with the pests.

Two Lightnings' right flank force counter-attacks enemy cavalry and effects a breakthrough (flagged by Green banner with red dragon emblem).

Chuzu reinforcements arrive on their far right flank.

The barbeque is loaded with goodies. Lunch is upon us!

There is no fighting here; only nourishing food and conversation.

The other end of our lunch table.

Man with legendary meat plate.

Our chef and sous chef relax in the shade, away from the hubbub of the dining table.

Back to battle! The Chuzu right flank attempts to push the enemy back across the river.

A Chuzu commander in a white shirt moves up his reinforcements under the watchful eyes of a beer-swilling opponent.

The center of the battle is still hotly contested. The Chuzu seem to have the upper-hand, but it's a close thing.

Two Lightnings reinforcements (foreground) attacks the annoying wall of enemy missile troops on the central high ground.

The Chuzu far left flank busts wide open, and these Two Lightnings units come pouring through towards the victory objective: the enemy's Line of Communications (LOC).

However, more Chuzu reinforcements move up to protect the LOC.

I call this photo "Still life with ink painting and flotation devices."

The game ends with a standoff on the Chuzu left...

...and a similar situation in the center, with an edge for the Two Lightnings Army...

...and the slow arrival of reinforcements on the right flank to give the Chuzu the edge there. The battle is a bloody stalemate--but a very enjoyable one at that!


 Death Haiku

Death Haiku after Rudyard Kipling

When you're wounded and dying just west of Jade Mountain,

And the blood's coming down like the splash of a fountain,

Just give up trying your dead to be countin'

And go to your God like a soldier.


Husband - meet my pike.

Finding purchase in your heart,

it rests, and you sleep.


We cut down your clan

Felling trees and saplings both

Your wives dine alone.


Autumn's setting sun

turns the peaceful valley red

where crows pick my flesh.


Misty Gorge

Misty day



Always drenched with blood

Beneath rustling green leaves whispers

Quiet happiness gone


My wife holds jade stone

Cold and lifeless as my hands

Remember me, Love.


Life is a delicate flower

How can we expect

the fragrance to last?