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The fictitious Battle of Cassano d'Adda - 1500

A 15mm Renaissance wargame fought on Saturday, December 18, 2010

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A mixed Pavian and Papal force intercepts the Milanese Visconti army on its return from a large raid up north. The Visconti must capture a bridge over the Adda River to secure their line of communications with Milan.

The battle was fought by the Gourmet Wargaming Club with 15mm miniatures, using our Renaissance Fury rules, a modifictaion of the tried-and-true Fire & Fury rules.

Click here to download a PDF containing the order of battle.

Scroll down to see the action unfold in photos.


Our battlefield fits in the living room--er, game room--quite nicely. This view is from the geographic north, behind the Visconti forces.

The chef (foreground) and her sous chef prepare for battle in the kitchen.

A closer look from the northeast. Papal forces in the distance, Visconti in the foreground.

The Adda River snakes across the West side of the table. The one crossing point to Cassano d'Adda and Milan is at bottom right, and this is the object of the Visconti attack.

A closer look from the west and the river. The Visconti right flank quickly covers ground to engage the Papal blocking force in swampy ground.

The Papal right flank: a free company of Condottieri march onto the field.

Condottieri light batteries are positioned on a hill at a respectful distance from the enemy.

Visconti left: 2 light cavalry units. More foot units are to follow.

The Visconti center, with Landsknecht pikes and heavy armored cavalry.

The Papal center, with 3 medium artillery batteries deployed at the geographic center of the Papal zone.

Troops of the Visconti center, flanked by a deployed artillery battery.

Visconti archers with heavy battery behind.

The Papal blocking force on the left was well-anchored on this small hill. The place is bristling with longbowmen.

A unit of medium infantry in the Visconti right flank takes fire from a light artillery battery.

The Papal blocking force (left flank) straddling the ground from the river, to the road, through the swamp, and onto the small hill. A line of crossbowmen are supported by heavy cavalry.

Units of the Papal "Forlorn Hope" hold the causeway across the river.

The Papal center, with missile troops in front, pike and shot on the right, and 2 units of heavy cavalry under the commander-in-chief.

Our sous chef in action!

The chef checks her cookbooks in advance of the big push.

200-foot generals in action. (Possibly moving cheatingly.)

Papal players contemplate their fate.

Condottieri cavalry of the Papal right flank support the light artillery.

Papal arquebusiers push far forward to delay the enemy.

The Papal left flank sends cavalry forward as the enemy reels from missile fire.

Papal heavy infantry with pike and shot exit the causeway and form up.

The Visconti right flank is massing for a push.

Papal heavy cavalry (center left) charge into the Visconti right.

Light cavalry (Stradioti) charge into the condottieri of the Papal right.

Another look at the Visconti center advancing. In front is a unit of Landsknecht light infantry; behind is a large block of pike and shot.

Now the battle begins in earnest! Papal heavy cavalry charges again to slow the enemy right, this time striking a block of pike and shot.

The entire Papal right flank is laid out in its finery.

The Visconti camp.

...And the Papal camp.

Foot units of the Visconti left flank move as quickly as possible (which ain't very quick) to engage the Papal center.

Visconti mounted arquebusiers charge the light guns of the condottieri on the Papal right. 'Twas not a good day for the horsemen.

The Visconti center advances, with heavy cavalry (bottom) moving into position to threaten the enemy guns.

Visconti medium infantry with impressive blades face off enemy cavalry.

Our chef grills marinated beef. It was all the photographer could do to resist the temptation to create a distraction and abscond with a morsel.

Lunch is served! (Life is hard, eh?)

An overview of the battle from the Visconti left flank.

And a view from the Visconti right.

Note the push of pikes in the center-right of this photo. Visconti progress is slow.

Visconti heavy cavalry charge the Papal artillery. Note the mercenary longbowmen behind the guns.

More Papal longbowmen wheel off the hill to take Visconti heavy pike and shot infantry in the flank.

A close-up of the push of pikes.

Papal condottieri on the right move cautiously forward.

Visconti cavalry have captured the Papal artillery park, while large blocks of pike infantry prepare for combat.

Papal longbowmen (top right) take a stand on the road, blocking a unit of light arquebusiers.

Visconti medium infantry are gradually pushed back by Papal heavy cavalry in the center.

Visconti heavy cavalry slam into a unit of pike and shot on the Visconti right flank.

A final view of the battlefield seen from the condottieri of the Papal right flank. The colors of this battle are exquisite, as is the quality of the miniatures.

The sitters seem so pleased. Perhaps some part of the essence of the delicious meal still resides in the tabletop, allowing those in contact with it to bask in its glow. Yeah, let's go with that.